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2008 The Reese Project (In the Groove)



This Just In

Track List:

  1. On the Flipside (4:03) by Bobby Brewer
  2. King Duncan’s Groove (7:06) by Tom Reese
  3. Stella by Streetlight (4:47) by Aaron Walker
  4. I’m an Old Cowhand (3:07) by Mercer
  5. Almost Wednesday (5:50) by Tom Reese
  6. Boorish Moors (4:16) by Bobby Brewer
  7. Esta Solo En (4:37) by Bobby Brewer
  8. Blue Man (5:07) by Tom Reese
  9. Like…Monk-like (5:00) by Tom Reese
  10. Risie Patate (4:16) by Bobby Brewer
  11. St. Anne’s Reel (4:25) by trad. Irish
  12. Ijiki (4:24) by Aaron Walker
  13. Shaken, not Stirred (5:44) by Bobby Brewer

2008 The Reese Project

This very polished jazz quartet has evolved to become one of the most unique quartets in the world. With the combined sound of flute, cello, drums, and guitar, The Reese Project has utilized worldly instrumentation influences to compose this brand new 13 track CD. The newest addition to the band, Bobby Brewer, brings dynamic composition skills to this project as exemplified on the opening track, “On the Flipside”, and later “Risie Patate” with plenty of grit and high energy. Tom Reese brings his usual fun and up-tempo riffs to “Almost Wednesday” and “King Duncan’s Groove”. He also utilizes a haunting traditional Indian flute, bringing “Blue Man” to a modern-day jazz sound. The Project then continues to draw on sounds from around the world with the calypso beat of “St. Anne’s Reel” & brings it home with an original composition dedicated to Thelonious Monk (“Like…Monk-like”). With gorgeous compositions like Walker’s “Stella by Streetlight” and “Ijiki’s” unique waltz flow, it all comes to a finale with the fun, put-a-smile-on-your-face “Shaken, not Stirred”. We hope you enjoy this one-of-a-kind worldly sound of jazz.  (notes by Paul Scott)

Musicians:  Tom Reese (flute, alto flute & native American Lakota flute – track 8), Bobby Brewer (guitar), Laurie Haines Reese (cello & electric cello), Aaron Walker (drums), and guest Kirk Reese (piano) on tracks 1, 4 & 8.

Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .25 in
This Just In

Physical CD, Download Full CD, On the Flipside, King Duncan’s Groove, Stella by Streetlight, I’m an Old Cowhand, Almost Wednesday, Boorish Moors, Esta Solo En, Blue Man, Like Monk-like, Risie Patate, St. Anne’s Reel, Ijiki, Shaken, not Stirred


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