Mountain Time


Tim Rinard:  Mountain Time

2004 Mockingbird

folk music — Acoustic Artist, Singer/Songwriter

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  1. What I Do (6:38)
  2. What I Want Takes Years (7:23)
  3. Montana (5:58)
  4. Never (4:16)
  5. Always Heard… (5:59)
  6. No Communication (6:53)
  7. Stand Back (4:56)
  8. Mountain Time (5:27)
  9. Turkey Hunting (6:35)
  10. Camp Fire Song (5:06)

Originally intended as a recording session for solicitation to publishers and A&R people in the industry, Tim decided to release the solo work on disk. Recorded at his cabin in Tioga Co, PA, and with three of the songs on the CD written there, this collection is appropriately titled.

This isn’t a country album as the title may lead you to believe. And it’s not folk music… or classical, as solo acoustic recordings often have that taste. These songs are the raw backbones of what may unquestionably be some hit songs. “Stand Back” and “Never” are two fine songs that deserve this credit. There are a few cuts that were written in the late seventies and early eighties, all moving material. But three of the songs , “Turkey Hunting,” “Camp Fire Song,” and the title cut “Mountain Time,” all conceived from Tim’s wilderness experience, make this an enjoyable listening opportunity for anyone with ears.

All songs written & performed by Tim Rinard & protected by BMI.

Tim Rinard

A resident of southcentral Pennsylvania, Tim is a solo performer that travels throughout the region and the northern tier of the state. A one-man acoustic act that carries a heavy guitar and a state-of-the-art sound system ready for the mainstream airwaves, pure heart and soul pours out of his performances that feature a wide variety of covers from Classic 70’s, to New Country, and Soul.

In 2003 Tim released his first CD “Mountain Time”. The acquisition of a small A-Frame cabin on some land in Tioga Co. Pa brought him out of hiatus after leaving the music scene in the mid 1980’s. The secluded patch of timber and some time spent there alone rekindled a passion that was never lost: creating and playing music. Visit Tim’s website.


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