Susquehanna Ensemble: Conversations

Elegant Chamber Music — modern folk, celtic, contemporary classical, new age

2001 Wyndfall Records




  1. Far Away  (2:43)
  2. Dialog (flute)  1:15
  3. Conversations  (7:30)
  4. Soliloquy (oboe)  1:25
  5. Phase II  2:13
  6. Katy’s Rambles  3:30
  7. Awakenings  3:01
  8. Reflections (viola)  0:58
  9. La Valse De Neige  6:18
  10. Woman in White (cello)  1:52
  11. Lament for Cora Lee  12:23
  12. La Valse de Jeunes Filles  3:14

Susquehanna Ensemble: Conversations

2001 Wyndfall Records


Tom Reese (flute, native American Indian Lakota flute, pennywhistle), Marti Hess (oboe), Deb Anderson (viola), Laurie Haines Reese (cello). Guest:  Chris Laughery (vocals & guitar on tracks 6 & 12).

“Best Instrumental Album” Just Plain Folks 2002 Awards

An eclectic, relaxing blend of neo-classical, new age and celtic music for wind & string quartet (flute, oboe, viola & cello). This group takes the traditional roles of the string quartet or wind quintet to new heights, adding orchestral depth to a quartet of players. At times playful, other times soulful & serious, this music is designed to pique your imagination. Goethe likened the string quartet to a “conversation among four intelligent people.”  Each of the four voices in Susquehanna is of equal importance, combining winds & strings to get a conversational flow of ideas that blend and dissolve, one into the other. Susquehanna takes you on a magical musical journey.

The CD includes two vocal tracks, sung by vocalist & guitarist Chris Laughery. It also includes several compositions by award-winning composer Tom Reese. Two tracks, “Katy’s Rambles” & “Awakenings” were selected for international distribution through New Age Voices’ June 2002 compilation CD. “Conversations” debuted at #3 on the Top 100 New Age Voice Airwaves Charts, July 2001.  It was the #1 Album on several radio stations, including KRSC “Innervisions” (Tulsa, OK), WRNZ (Danville, KY), WSYC (Shippensburg, PA) & WYRE (Waukesha, WI).

“Conversations” won “Best Instrumental Album” in the Just Plain Folks 2002 Competition. JPF hosts the largest independent music competition in the world — “Conversations” won out of 7,880 CD’s! Their criteria is, “Does the music move me?”

“…a delightful presentation you’ll want to listen to, over and over again.”  Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews.

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Dimensions 5 x 5 x .25 in
Susquehanna: Conversations

Physical CD, Download Full CD, Far Away, Dialog, Conversations, Soliloquy, Phase II, Katy's Rambles, Awakenings, Reflections, La Valse De Neige, Woman in White, Lament for Cora Lee, La Valse de Jeunes Filles


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