Blue Etude


2011 Rhombus Records

Swing, jazz, funk, blues — all compositions by Tom Reese.



  1. Levi’s Blues 5:26 by Tom Reese
  2. Autumn Samba 3:27 by Tom Reese
  3. Blue Tuesday with lyrics, sung by Jesse Yawn 7:37 by Tom Reese
  4. Fall Blues 6:42 by Tom Reese
  5. Loose Goose Blues 6:15 by Tom Reese
  6. Blue Etude 4:46 by Tom Reese
  7. Duncan’s Waltz 5:30 by Tom Reese
  8. Blues For Mr. “B” 5:53 by Tom Reese
  9. Key to Your Heart with lyrics, sung by Annie Sciolla 9:20 by Tom Reese

This CD by The Reese Project has 5 #1 hits on jazz radio stations throughout the country. Tom Reese’s compositions show the variety of sounds that the Blues can offer.  You’ll hear swing, jazz, funk, blues and a fabulous vocal sung by Jesse Yawn. The last track, “Key to Your Heart” is a soundscape including a beautiful vocal section, a new-age section featuring piano, flute and cello, and then a hauntingly beautiful Indian flute section.

Tom Reese (flute), Kirk Reese (keyboards), Laurie Haines Reese (cello), Bob Brewer (guitar), Johnny DeFrancesco (guitar), Paul Klinefelter (bass), Glenn Ferracone (drums). Special Guests: Jesse Yawn (vocal on track 3), Anne Sciolla (vocal on track 9), Jeff Stabley (congas) and Johannes Dietrich (violin and viola on track 2).

All songs by Tom Reese.

Produced by Tom Reese. Recorded by Glenn Ferracone at The Music Centre, Exton, PA. on October 27, 1999.

Originally released Wyndfall Records 2000, reissued 2006 with two bonus tracks, now released on Rhombus Records as the original CD.

Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .25 in
The Reese Project: Blue Etude

Physical CD, Download Full CD, Levi's Blues, Autumn Samba, Blue Tuesday, Fall Blues, Loose Goose Blues, Blue Etude, Duncan's Waltz, Blues For Mr. "B", Key to Your Heart


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