A Second Wynd

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Wyndfall: A Second Wynd

2004 Wyndfall Records

folk, celtic, folk rock, original



  1. John Barleycorn (trad) 5:00
  2. Jenny Pluck Pears (trad) 5:20 instrumental
  3. Downfall of Paris (anon) 3:00 instrumental
  4. Katy’s Rambles (trad, lyrics by T Reese) 4:00
  5. Northern (T Reese) 1:30 Tom Reese, Indian flute & soprano flute
  6. Prelude from Suite #3 for Solo Cello (JS Bach) 4:00 Laurie Reese, solo cello
  7. Garden of You (Franco, lyrics by Laughery) 4:00
  8. Far Away/A Stor Mo Chroi (Jung/trad.) 6:00
  9. Down the Brae (trad) 5:30 instrumental
  10. Kitchen Girl/Kelpie (trad/Anderson) 6:00
  11. Paddy on the Landfill (Hayes) 2:30 instrumental
  12. Iron Hand (Knopfler) 5:24
  13. Cup of Wonder (Anderson) 4:00
  14. Shecky Green (trad, lyrics by T Reese) 3:50
  15. Darby/Coleraine (Reese/trad) 3:30 instrumental
  16. The Minstrel (Pratt) 5:00 Chris Laughery, solo voice

Wyndfall’s second CD, A Second Wynd, is a warm, engaging CD of celtic, original, folk & folk rock music.  Recorded in Detroit, MI in 2004, this CD features new versions of some tunes originally recorded on Wyndfall’s debut CD, “A Piper’s Dream” as well as more music by Wyndfall. Cover Art by Vern Pilder.

Musicians: Tom Reese (flute, pennywhistle, native American Lakota indian flute, vocal on Shecky Green); Chris Laughery (guitar, vocals); Laurie Haines Reese (cello); Tom Tesnow, Jr. (drums). Guest: Tom Tesnow, Sr (vocal harmonies on track 4).

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A Second Wynd

John Barleycorn, Jenny Pluck Pears, Downfall of Paris, Katy’s Rambles, Northern for Indian flute, Prelude Suite #3 for Solo Cello, Garden of You, Far Away-A Stor Mo Chroi, Down the Brae, Kitchen Girl/Kelpie, Paddy on the Landfill, Iron Hand, Cup of Wonder, Shecky Green, Darby-Coleraine, The Minstrel


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