Chris Laughery

guitar, vocals, flutes, bass, mandolin

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A well-rounded musician, Chris Laughery is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who reflects versatility as well as virtuosity. On guitar, vocals, flute, bass, and mandolin he transports his listeners with music that is original yet familiar, classic but innovative.

Chris is a composer and has authored many tunes and songs. Some of these are featured on his solo albums “Time to Go” and “Whatever You Call It,” on which he is the singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and studio producer. With a degree in audio engineering from The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, he has produced award winning recordings for Wyndfall Records, Harmony Hill, Barbary Coast Productions to name just a few.

A native of Hershey, Pennsylvania, ethnic folk music was an intregal part of everyday life for Chris from an early age. Both his parents are musicians and would dance and sing at every chance. His mother, a performer in an eastern European folk dance group would bring Chris to practices. There he formed the group Lovka specializing in music from all around the world. Occasionally, he still performs with Lovka and for English country, Scottish, and Irish contra dances.

Chris Laughery is the front man for the acclaimed concert trio, Wyndfall. They regularly tour the mid-Atlantic and southern states from Canada to Florida, and have released two CD’s to excellent reviews, “Piper’s Dream” & “A Second Wynd.”

In addition to his work with Wyndfall, Chris tours solo and has performed concerts at festivals, colleges, coffeehouses, special events, and renaissance faires around the country. Chris performs regularly in pubs, at parties, for festivals and events all over the central PA area and beyond.

Incorporating a variety of influences into his sound, Chris can be heard playing classic rock songs, delicate original love songs and beautiful Celtic ballads within breaths of each other.  Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull, has been a lifelong influence for Chris – that influence can be found within the intricate framework of Chris’ own music.

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